Roof Maintenance and Choosing the Perfect Roofing Contractor

Having a roof is great. It protects you from the outside elements, like rain, wind, cold etc. So, that’s wonderful, your roof if protecting you, but who is protecting roof? Roofs need to be maintained and cared for, especially in states that have extreme weather.

Some states actually have adverse, inclement weather in the winter and then in the summer, and the weather is just as severe, when it comes to high temperatures in the summer. The more intense the climate the more care the roof will most likely need. Home owners in states like these, know and understand that their roofs may not last as long as their neighbors in milder climates.

How to Care for Your Roof

A few things that can be done to lengthen the life of the roof is to clean the debris off the roof. Debris can cause the degeneration of a roof. One reason is because it has a tendency to collect and hold water. Debris is one of those things that finds a way to compile in areas around angles, chimneys, pipes and more. Items that could be considered as debris are leaves, dirt etc.

Having the flashing inspected is always an excellent idea. Checking to see if it is not deteriorating is the first thing that a professional roofer will look for. If the flashing does happen to be in bad shape, a professional will most likely get rid of all of the old chalk by scrubbing down the area.

Loose roof shingles can be a huge hassle. They can fall off of the roof, leaving the roof completely unprotected. An unprotected roof can cause leakage and damage, which in turn can make you loose money out of your pocket.

Cement is the perfect remedy for a loose shingle. However, if the shingle is damaged, cement will not do the trick, a replacement is then needed. Having a roofing contractor to look at the roof and do a roof repair before the problem grows can be one of the best investments, a homeowner can make.

When it comes to gutters, be sure that they do not have holes. What’s the purpose of gutters if they poked with holes throughout. A professional will be able to secure them so that they can work properly. Leaves are known to gather in gutters.

Professionals realize this, and typically prior to finishing their maintenance appointment, they will make it a point to clean out anything that may clog up the gutters, and prevent water from draining out of them. When water stands still in one spot, it causes mold buildup, roof damage etc. Normally, during the spring and and also fall months, homeowners will notice large amounts of leaves on their roofs.

Roofers understand that often homeowners are busy and roof maintenance is often, the last thing on their minds. Which is why scheduling in advance can be a lifesaver. A yearly routine maintenance trip can easily be done by a roofing company.

Many roofing companies rely on these scheduled trips to build relationships and trust with their customers and communities. The contractor will call the homeowner and confirm the appointment, if it’s a bad time, no problem the date can be pushed back. The appointment is effortless and all of the work is done by the professional. It can not get any better than that.

When Searching for a Contractor

When searching for a contractor, it may be tempting to hire an unlicensed individual, however you have to consider the consequences. If something goes wrong, will you be out of luck? A licensed profession with excellent credentials is the best way to go.

The person will know what to look for and they will be able to provide recommendations. The best contractors are the ones that will not suggest an upgrade, when a simple repair is all that is needed. Or the ones that use their time efficiently and wise, saving you time and money.

Also finding a contractor that is familiar with working with roofs from that particular area is vital. For example, if you live in Arizona, the roofers in that area may be experts when examining the issues of roofs that are standing in 98 degree weather all day. Whereas a contractor from Minnesota may be completely out of his/her element. Or a contractor from Iowa, who deals a lot with rainy states and roofs that are severely damaged by moisture and mold, may not be that knowledgeable roofs from Arizona. So when choosing a contractor, choose one that is familiar with the issues that your particular roof may have.